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Viewing Single Post From: Daniel Believes Jennifer
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Oct 12 2012, 12:21 AM
Oct 11 2012, 02:02 PM
So basically they kill off a baby that many wanted to see Nicole have for a pairing that the majority hate? Where is the logic in that? Either way I'm done. It's so obvious that only certain viewers matter to this show. :flipoff:
I cannot imagine that the NBC and/or Corday and/or Meng think they can hang on to a lot of current viewers and gain new viewers by killing Nicole's baby and pairing Sami/Rafe along with Daniel/Jennifer when her husband died less than three months ago while saving their daughter.They cannot be that clueless.Maybe the baby is alive.
This longtime DAYS viewer loves Sami & Rafe being back together. I don't mind an eventual Jennifer & Daniel pairing, although Daniel was almost ruined being tied to that lying, murdering, scheming whore Nicole! I was glad to see Nicole going to have a baby UNTIL Nicole reverted by to her old lying, murdering, scheming, whoring ways and now I think she kinda deserved the loss of the child and I think DAYS needs to ax the bitch for good! Let the miserable thing commit suicide or go to jail and free up Ari to get a much better role somewhere else. It would pretty pathetic to end up with the baby being alive. They'd have to ruin both Cameron & Maxine's characters for the baby to be alive, although EJ would've done something like that. I doubt DAYS will go that route.
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