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True! I thought Rafe sounded stupid when he was telling EJ he won, I was thinking, winning Sami is not somthing to boast about, because we know before long she wiill be doing some more heavy breathing with EJ and Lucas will be getting his share of her soon, then it is full circle back to him, and round and round we go.
LOL I literally laughed out loud when that loser Rafe said that he won...wtf did he win? A washed up harpy who pants whenever ANY man touches her? Lmao Rafe is so dumb! He only recently started showing interest in her when he found out her and EJ were starting to rekindle their relationship. Everything Rafe does, his every motive in life is to destroy EJ. He would probably commit suicide if EJ were no longer around for him to obsess over. I think deep down he is in love with EJ and cannot stand the fact that EJ doesn't want him back in return LOL! I mean seriously...what man with any pride would continuously try to pass off another man's child as their own..not once but twice now! I LOVE how EJ called him out on his hypocrisy by telling him that he claims to have all these morals and loyalty to family, yet he doesn't respect EJ's own right to be a part of his children's lives. Rafe is a psychopath. I really wish they didn't get rid of Carrie..they would've made a perfect match..2 holier than thou hypocrites..a match made in heaven!
I would hardly call Rafe a psychopath; now, Ej, is a different matter. He fits the definition of a psychopath/sociopath to a tee.
well to each their own, i think the character of Rafe has potential..that is when he is not in Sami's realm or plotting to steal EJ's children away from him. To me that makes him a psychopath..why not just go have kids of his own?? Why is he so obsessed with trying to father Ej's children? EAch time he does this, he knows the risk he is taking, yet he continues to do it..you know what they say the definition of insanity is.
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