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I see nothing wrong with EJ recording Nicole's confession. he jst finished hearing her and Rafe say they were going to keep up the lie, so to me it makes sense that he would want proof once and for all and get her confession. I think it is more than just trying to get Scami back. He already told Rafe that he could have her, and that all he cares about is his baby. He is also grieving too, and I think its unfair of Nicole to be telling everyone and their dog that her baby died, yet didn't have the courtesy to tell the baby's father. She wouldn't have been pregnant if it wasn't for EJ's sperm lol. I feel sorry for Nicole because I think she would've been a great mother, and I wish they would still have it turn out that Sydney is truly her baby, however I don't feel sorry for her in regards to EJ taping her. She is sitting there crying and putting on a real show for Daniel and Rafe. That scene made me sick where she was telling Daniel all of the "what ifs" knowing damn well her baby was already dead all along and Jen had nothing to do with it. It takes a real psychopath to do that..she's nuts. I know my opinion is in the minority here, but i'm not feeling this current storyline the writers have put Nicole in, its beneath her, she deserves better than this. I hate how they are making her go all nuts over stupid Daniel..lying about her dead baby for what? To get him to run off with her? that's ridiculous. I really hope they put Dannifer back together so that Nicole can move on with someone else, preferably Eric!
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