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And it also has to be considered that they are two VERY different relationships. Carrie grew up with Marlena as a friend at first, then Marlena quickly became the stable figure in her life, sort of accidentally became her mother (and again, Anna loved Carrie enough to realize that Marlena was a better parent FOR her) because they were very, very close. They never had big rifts, they never fought consistently (or in the case of Sami/Marlena, one side wants to ruin the other, the other strives to hold onto them). So Marlena choosing Carrie to be her maid of honor was very organic, because Carrie was, as much as she was a daughter, a very close friend. Carrie was also very protective of Marlena and of John, and their relationship, Sami loathed all of it. So that's not a choice between Sami and Carrie, because Sami was never an option.

A choice means there is an either or situation. It's what makes Sami/EJ in the car rape and not a choice to have sex with him. There was no viable, REAL alternative. Lucas dies or she's raped? That is not a choice. So it has to be either or, and I can't remember Marlena being in a situation like that and choosing Carrie over Sami.

Choosing to believe Carrie's side (also known as truth, more than "Carrie's side of things") of Sami's is something else, and it happened very rarely, and ALWAYS after giving Sami the benefit of the doubt (for a long time) first.
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