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Oct 17 2012, 12:59 AM
If you asked to name the times when Marlena has chosen John over Sami, I could name plenty.
Maybe it's because of the way I was raised, I was taught to revere my elders (even those I have little or no use for), and so I would beg to differ on that account. There is a big difference between putting the needs of a spouse over the needs of a child and refusing to put up with the blatant disrespect of one's spouse.

Due to poor writing there have been a few instances of Marlena having tunnel vision and so it appears that she is favoring John. Although this was more often than not more a case of a writing staff sticking characters on the proverbial island and minimizing cast interaction. People are always saying Marlena wasn't there for Sami when she was pregnant with Wil...forgetting that she was missing for a portion of that time and wanting nothing to do with her mother in the remaining time.

There have also been instances of Marlena showing her backbone and not tolerating Sami's often insane, cruel, hateful ramblings toward John. The 2nd example you provided of Marlena slapping Sami is in my opinion a better example of a poorly written (It seemed overly harsh, blatantly soapy & out of character for Marlena to strike anyone, much less one of her own children.) defense of John's honor than any attempt to favor Carrie.

Finally for every example that you can provide of Marlena favoring Carrie or John and/or even providing a disparaging reaction in regards to Sami's disrespectful rants toward John & Carrie...I assure you I could come up with at least 3 instances where Marlena sat there like a whipped dog and just absorbed Sami's anger and hate. Never mind all the the times that she actually made excuses for Sami and took responsibility for her vile words and actions because of one mistake, albeit a big one, made almost 20 years ago now. Coincidentally, Marlena still does that from time to time. She did it not so long ago when defending Sami to Wil. I think I hate that reaction most of all...How can Marlena ever expect her daughter to grow up to be a respectable, responsible, loving, independent person if she is perpetually enabling Sami's victim status?
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