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Thursday, Oct, 18th

rafe says a child died tonight clearly you are upset everyone is upset
but that baby was not yours the baby was mine
sami goes over to EJ and says i think you should go
rafe opens the door

Ej is about to leave
but he closes the door and says i have a little something
that you might want to hear
he takes his phone out of his pocket and presses play
and Nicoles voice says yes EJ the baby was yours.
You still think he is telling the truth
sami says that could have been spliced together thats no proof of anything
EJ says that child was not his it was mine
sami says tell him the baby was yours
eJ says he cant say that cuz its not true

Hope says you werent supposed to see that
maggie says its not bo who is sick is its Caroline

Bo is cleaning up at the pub
Vic comes in and says i heard you quit the force , whats going on here?
Caroline yells down
Shawn, Shawn are you still down there?
Vic looks at Bo
caroline comes down and says shawn
bo says hey ma you ok
she looks at vic with a smile

john wakes up
kristen says
poor baby did you have a bad dream
i know how to make it go away
she kisses him

Ej tells sami she could ask nicole herself or he could get some experts there there
sami says you could pay them off
ej says nicole and rafe changed those test results
and they have been keeping a father from his child
sami says you have to stop it
rafes baby died tonight
and im not going to let you put him through this
rafe says stop it
he is right
for once he is right
i got to tell you the truth
nicoles baby
it was ejs
Ej closes his eyes

john pulls away and jumps out of bed
then he really wakes up
marlena says are you ok?
He says yeah
just a dream
she says more like a nightmare
he says yeah i guess
she says what was the dream
he says not sure
he needs some fresh air
tells her to go back to sleep
he kisses her and tells her he loves her
and he leaves

the stewardess welcomes Kristen to Salem
she says i never thought i would be here again

sami says what did you say
rafe says i said its true
Ej was the father of nicoles baby
not me
sami says but you told me
Ej says he told you a lie
the man you cast me aside for is not the man you thought he was at all

Hope says i cant say anything i promised
maggie says i understand
the last time i saw Caroline she wasnt quite herself
is this why bo decided to leave the force
Hope says no other reasons
please dont tell anyone about what you saw
maggie says i understand i will keep her in my prayers

caroline asks Vic what are you doing out so late
he says i dropped maggie off at the police station..... to visit Hope
i saw bo through the window
and thought i would drop by
bo says want some tea
vic says or maybe port
Caroline says that would be nice
bo goes to get it
caroline says glad you came by
vic says so am i

john in the square saying i havent thought about her in years so why now
and i why cant i get her out of my head

kristen talks to father on the phone
say i will help you with chad and ej
dont worry about it
i will be in touch wish me luck
she gets up and says while im here i have some other things to do

EJ says how many times did he tell you he was telling the truth
not only was he trying to keep a
father from his child , he was keeping a secret cuz
nicole walker wanted him to and he didnt tell you cuz he doesnt trust you
he wanted to be her knight in armour
he was going to deny a father his son
why cuz she asked him to
sami says ej please stop it
ej says and if he had to do it
all over again , he probably would
rafe says i was protecting that child from you
cuz you would have taken that baby
nicole did live her entire pregnancy in terror of you
so yes i would have
EJ says if he had known the baby was his, nicole never would have been living with jennifer and the baby would be alive and well right now
rafe says you cant know that
EJ says i do know that
tell me samantha do you still think he is the better man?
Sami says you stop it stop it right now

Caroline and Vic have a drink
she says a fine son we have
vic says in deed we do
she says sometimes my mind goes to the past
and so many things have changed and then there are things that never changed like you
he says i hope i changed
she says to the rest of the world you are probably not the dangerous victor Kiriakis anymore
when you found out bo was your son,the mask started to fall and now the rest of the world sees you as the handsome man that you really are
he says and i still see you as that beautiful young woman
bo is watching

john walks around the square
says i cant believe im letting her get to me
he has flashbacks of being with Kristen
hugging her talking about getting married
a hand touches his shoulder

Ej says sorry you are upset
she says we are all upset
ej says ill go
and goes to the door to leave
sami says EJ,,,, im sorry for your loss
he says thank you
he says to rafe, obviously you and i will talk about this later
he leaves
sami says how could you do this to us?

Bo goes and joins vic and his ma
she says im one lucky woman to have such 2 good men in my life
bo says we are the lucky ones
she says i think the port is going to my head
i better go to bed
vic says goodnight thanks for the memories
she kisses him and goes upstairs
vic says im so sorry

rafe says the last thing i ever wanted to do was hurt you
why do you think i was so upset earlier , i hated lying to you
she says but you didnt have to keep lying
he says after all the things ej had done to you ,what was i supposed to do when nicole asked me to
sami says thats right a damsel in distress, i didnt know it could be any damsel
he says
i didnt do it for her i did it for the child and we werent together then anyways
she says no but how about now
the picnic all the promises
you asked of me
you made me promise you and you said you would be open and honest with me
he says i didnt want you involved in this
she says you were protecting me is that it?
He says yes i was
she says bull rafe im not buying it
im not buying any of it
the whole story about you and nicole was ridiculous and i knew it was
i knew it in my gut but every time i asked you about it you turned it around and you made me feel like a jerk for doubting you
he says im sorry, she made me promise not to tell a soul
she says not even me
or it was especially not me
cuz everything we have been through
and i thought we were going to get another chance
i thought we were going to have a fresh start

Ej goes into his office
its dark
he goes over to the window then sits down at his desk
and looks at his kids picture
says i wish you could have known your little brother
there is a knock on the door
he gets up and opens it says yes?
Its Kristen
he says Oh my goodness mother?

Bo says ma is going to be ok
going to take good care of her
dont know whats wrong with her yet
but there is medication we can try
vic says those treatments can get expense
bo says we got it covered thanks for the offer
ma doesnt want us talking about this with anybody
vic says im not anybody
bo says i know that
kay and i will make sure she is never alone
vic says i have never been prouder of you than i am right now
he hugs him
maggie and Hope come in

john looks and says doc what are you doing here?
She says i came looking for you, you were gone a long time
he says just trying to clear my head
she says were you upset with your conversation with sonny
you were afraid it would drag up some bad memories from your past

rafe says you are right i couldnt trust you
cuz it wasnt my secret to tell
she says you said i broke your trust and you meant it
you would never get it back and now i know how you feel cuz i dont trust you
he says you know why nicole wanteed to keep ej from her baby
you were in her shoes
she says i understand why she did what she did and why you helped her
i wanted to help her too
did you think i would ruin everything
i am the best liar you know
umnles you thought i would have done
something to hurt nicole
do you think i would hurt some innocent child?
is that what you think of me
just to get back at her
you told ej
that if you had to you would do it all over again
you dont regret what you did
he says i regret that nicole lost the baby and that i hurt you
she says but you dont think you were wrong
cuz you are always right
you asked me to forgive you for lusting after my sister when you were married to me
you asked me to forgive you for getting nicole pregnant
those 2 women drive me crazier than any one else on the planet
do i get to unforgive you now cuz it turns out not to be true
he says come on dont
she says does my sister know
i thought it was cazyr that she was so understanding when you slept with nicole while you were sleeping with her
rafe says i didnt sleep with your sister
she says did you tell carrie that it was a lie
he says what?
She says
you just told me that nicole made you promise not to tell a soul
and so im asking you
if you told my sister
that you werent the father of nicoles baby
you did
you son of a bitch
she pushes him
you told her and not me

kristen says do i look old enough to be
your mother
not all the plastic surgery in the world could make Susan look like this
he says if you arent my mother?
she says thats right im your sister
he says kristen

maggie and vic walk around the square
they are happy and grateful for each other
and they hug

Hope and bo fix up the pub
Bo is going to spend the night there

sami says you told carrie
he says i told her when we weer in the safe house , we thought we were going to die
she says it doesnt matter why my point is you didnt tell me
i thought you were the most honest
person i have ever known in my whole life and not only did you lie to me, you used me
he says i never used you
she says i thought you were grieving for your dead child i thought i was holding you and grieving over your loss with you
we were about to have sex
he says cuz i love you
i love you
i was grieving
im sick about what happened
she says cuz you wanted to be that little boys father is johnny and sydney and allie not enough for you you couldnt wait to have me dealing with mommy nicole
he says we dont have to worry about that any more
she says no i dont
dont misunderstand me
i felt terrible that child is dead and i
understand there is nothing worse then losing a baby
but you lost your reason for lying to me
you didnt have to protect the child from ej anymore
so why did you keep lying to me
he says nicole
she says cuz nicole asked you to
im getting sick of hearing those words
i want you to spell it out for me
i want you to tell me that ej was right
admit it
that you would never have told me the truth
he scoffs
says no i wouldnt have

ej says kristen blake dimera
she says thats me
he says what are you doing here
she says father sent me
she walks in
he says adopted
she says adopted whatever
once a dimera always a dimera
ej says i wonder if you appreciate the irony of those words
she says i know the last few months have been complicated for you
he says why would father involve you in this i dont even know you
she says i dont need to know you to see that you need a sympathetic ear
he says why would you care
she says cuz you are family
father always has our best interests
at heart
he lives for his kids
i heard about your son
im sorry
he says i see word travels fast
she says i lost a son too you know
john jr.
Its the reason you came into the world
he says you are not my fairy god mother, you tried to snatch me from my mothers arms
she says thats was a long time ago
he says let me guess you changed
she says it can happen
you lost a son why is that so painful
cuz nothing is more important than family
who do you have but us?

Bo looks at a pic of his pa and pop
he says dont worry pop i wont let ma down
you either
he turns out the light

ej says you are right , my children are my comfort right now
she says but you cant talk to them
he says i cant talk to you either i dont know you dont trust you and dont like you
you made a long trip for nothing
she says are you sure about that
he says quite goodbye
she says as you wish
i am sorry about your son
she leaves
outside the door she says ok ej i will leave but i will be back
in the meantime i have some other irons in the fire

john says it doesnt matter what he was dreaming about it wasnt real
we cant be hurt by it nothing to worry about
mar says good, you feel better now
he says yeah

sami says you think im overreacting dont you
you think you did nothing wrong
he says what i did for nicole was the same thing i did for you
she says you chose her over me
if i had lied to you like that no matter what or why i would have been out on my ass and you would be judging me for the rest of my life
cuz you are a sanctimonious hypocrite
next time you are grieving and you want someone to get rid of it with sex you go find someone else
i dont forgive you
im done
we are done
she walks out

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