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Oct 17 2012, 08:21 PM
I doubt any actor is compensated for the use of their image in the show after their contract has ended unless it is some special notation in their contract or in SAG/union rules. In fact, since that photo was taken as part of the show's PR, he probably had to sign a release that it was the property of Days and could be used however they liked in their promotion, etc., etc. So, no, I don't think he has had anything to do with the use of the photo, and strongly doubt he has been compensated.

I don't think he's being compensated, but we've always heard that Days has to ask permission to use a photo of someone no longer under contract, even publicity photos which were taken while the person was employed at Days. Ken Corday actually called Eileen in 06 to ask her... that was a whole story in itself, because she was unemployed and got a call from Corday, and then that's what he asked. As another example, Joe M's large photo was removed from the DiMera mansion in 08. But that practice certainly could have changed; it would be smart for the show to have people sign a release like you're indicating. Traditionally though, a sure sign that a contract is up is that set photos are removed. I'm interested in seeing whether the Christie Clark pic is still in J&M's townhouse.
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