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Oct 16 2012, 10:27 PM
Daniel is not all that for these women to go crazy over. He's cute but still a creep. Dannifer have absolutely no chemistry and just sucks as a couple. I have to say at least Dicole HAVE chemistry. At this point Nicole needs to move on cause for some reason Dan loves Jennifer and she's looking desperate. Hopefully Eric distracts her from Daniel, it's about time Nicole gets her happier ever after.
Problem with this is two fold

To many people jumping on the Eric/Nicole train before even seeing them on screen together, I'll reserve judgement for then I may like them I may not when I think Eric I think Jensen so I'll see how he makes the charater his own and if there is magic. Even if there is Tomlin's NOT going to let AZ with anyone outshine Sami and her merry men.

Also the fact that he's first Sami's brother (yuk) again stuck in the Sami vortex from hell, as well as if he is a priest and leaves because of Nicole more for all the Nicole haters to throw at her feet.
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