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^o) It boggles the mind as to how many people think Jack is in the wrong for what he's doing to Victor...Is GC ran by the damn Newmans? :sheep: If the shoe was on the other foot, do you think that Victor wouldn't do the same shit to Jack? :poof: Where was all of this LOVE last year when he was keeping a sick little girl from her father? :censored: What about Victor making Victoria miscarry? Last I looked, It was Victor's KIDS who sued the shit out of him to make his company go PUBLIC...But it's ALL JACK'S FAULT?

Someone on another site said that Jack is the reason that Colleen is dead... :whack: Did they FORGET who bought Patty's crazy ass to town?

But through ALL of that...his FAMILY has always stood by him.. :redface: Now look at Jack...where did his family go...

Billy is about to throw him under the bus for what? His wife? :soapbox: As soon as she finds out about his part in LA, she's gonna throw his stupid-ass away like Alabama trash!

I know that Jack has done a LOT of stupid shit, but where's the fairness in all of this? :shame:
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