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This week's Soap Opera Digest features an article about John and Kristen.

At the beginning of the week, Marlena runs into Kristen. Kristen tells Marlena she wants to patch things up between them, but Marlena is immediately suspicious and isn't interested. Marlena wants to call John to warn him, but she can't find her cell phone and thinks Kristen stole it. Meanwhile, Kristen shows up at John's office to say hi. Eileen Davidson explains that Kristen is just being courteous in telling John and Marlena that she's back in town.

Kristen tells John that she's changed and that she was the way she was before because she lost her baby. Marlena then runs into the office and tells John Kristen took her phone. Just then, John's assistant tells Marlena she left the phone there. Eileen Davidson says that Kristen is happy to see this and shows Marlena she's being paranoid.

Kristen leaves, and John tells Marlena he thinks it's possible Kristen has changed. Marlena's not so sure about that. Later, John and Kristen again run into each other at the HTS. Kristen is kind to a child and John sees this. But he doesn't mention this second meeting to Marlena....

Pick up the latest Digest for details!

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