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Initial shock is fine with me. Is it really shocking when any person, especially a DiMera returns from the dead? I think most characters by now would quickly get over it. Marlena might go into overprotective mode really quickly and it probably would make sense. I just hope the first scenes are big enough to convey that they are, at first, shocked.

I like the idea of Kristen playing up Marlena's paranoia and making her look psycho. That could be really good. I would love for it to appear that Marlena is coming unhinged because I think Deidre will slay that material. The problem is John being such an idiot. Why would he even want to believe that Kristen has changed? He should really want nothing to do with her. Of course that would be boring as all hell, but John wanting to accept Kristen is just stupid.

As far as any changes happening when it comes to EJ's parents, I really don't think they will be going there again but if they do the parents would be John and Kristen, not Stefano and Kristen. They could always say Stefano took John's kid because he wanted to raise him to hate John. Most assumed they were going there with John and Hope being EJ's parents and I thank God they never did. But I don't see the point when Eileen could just reprise Susan at any time. They should leave his parentage alone.
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