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Oct 18 2012, 03:37 PM
Nicole had her appointment with the substitute doctor who told her that her unborn child was not alive.

Immediately after the appointment, there was a confused nurse on her first day at work who thought Nicole was someone else and congratulated her on her pregnancy.

Nicole was in shock and in grief.

Okay Nicole did take the paper medical chart and tear it up. But I think she was desperate and not conniving at that point. And she took the scalpel.

But she was in shock.

Then, on the very same day, Nicole fell down the stairs.

It was not some week-long calculated plot.

All the episodes from broadcast in USA from October 5 through October 18 happened on the same Salem day.

Also, there was an interview with Ari Zucker who said that her interpretation of her character was that Nicole took the scalpel with original intention of doing self-harm.
I think it was very calculated, if it wasn't she never would've stolen her medical records or taken the scalpel. It wouldn't a week-long calculated plot, it was a few minutes or hours calculated plot. Nicole's good at plotting and scheming. And yeah, she was in shock and heart-broken, I agree. But a hurt Nicole is a very dangerous Nicole. I don't agree with Ms. Zucker's assessment of wanting to do self-harm, although that's open to interpretation. If she wanted to hurt herself she would've just gone and done it, not travel to Horton Square.

I think we can agree though that Ari Zucker is doing some great acting in this storyline however. I do wish they had gone and reverted Nicole back to her old self, I was rooting for her to have the baby until she started scheming again.
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