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This was a fun read. I went through nearly every emotion while reading this, lol. I was annoyed that we have to see Kristen and Sami working together a lot for a while, but the way she spoke about it makes it seem like this is something that only lasts a month or so and then its onto other things. I was also very annoyed that she hasn't worked much with Joe Mascolo. WTF?? I'm beginning to think Stefano is basically going to stay out of town for good. I don't want the DiMeras reunited if Stefano isn't part of it.

I was a little weary when she said Kristen has really gotten tons of therapy and has changed for the better...but everything after she said that leads me to believe that she hasn't really changed "for the better" per se.

I got chills when she talked about the Kristen/Marlena relationship, lol. I don't know why. It sounds so good. I can't wait to see Kristen taunting Marlena while John has his back to her. I love this Kristen and that's the way it should be. The way Kristen hates Marlena makes SO much sense and I cannot wait to see it play out. This has to be the only character that would openly call Marlena "smug" and that makes me so happy. Marlena's equal hatred for Kristen makes it even better. What Eileen said about her scenes with Drake sound phenomenal. Sounds like she really is getting some juicy dialogue when it comes to Kristen/John scenes. That should be good stuff.

Wow, they remembered the Jennifer/Kristen relationship! If this whole Dannifer mess wasn't happening this really would have been something that I was super excited about. If Jack was alive and I could like Jennifer this would be great. Now I'm worried that I will have to see Kristen interacting with Daniel. Please god no! I want to see where they go with Jennifer/Kristen, but at the same time I don't even want to watch Jennifer on my screen. I hope its really just a bridge to a Hope/Kristen relationship. That would be good stuff. I can't really picture Jennifer torn between Marlena and Kristen because Jennifer and Marlena have no relationship. Hope between those two ladies is a lot different.

Also can't wait to see her work with Nicole and EJ. Those are two relationships I'm really looking forward to seeing.
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