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Lots of different liaisons would upset John and Marlena because they are very uptight people!
Please let this mean they're putting Kristen with Eric.
I had been treading water at Y&R. So I have to say, and as I have said in different interviews, I kind of feel that I was being ripped from my motherís arms, because so many of the people over at Y&R are my good friends, and many whom I am so close with. But on the other hand, I had been kind of treading water, and there was not a lot for me to do there for quite awhile. And so to be coming over here, and to have such story, and to be kicking ass, is such a blast! I am an actress and so I want to act, which is what has been so great about being over at DAYS!

I have got to say, itís so much fun to revisit Kristen. She is different. She is not as uptight as she was. I mean after all, it has been 14 years since we saw her. Kristen has grown up. She is sewing her oats and feeling like a woman, and coming into her own in a completely different kind of way. Kristen is fun. There is nothing about Ashley in Kristen, and vice versa. I think I am a lot more like Kristen than Ashley, except for the evil part!
I love hearing her say this. I know Y&R is her home but Days was always the show that appreciated her talents and really allowed her to stretch her acting muscles. Hopefully she'll still feel that way a year from now and she won't jump ship back to Y&R.
When I confront John I say, ďI was on my knees begging you not to leave, and you looked at me like there was something stuck on your shoes.Ē So, that kind of made Drake and me remember. It was good soap opera.
Wow. So they really get into all that?

Let's hope there are flashbacks!

There are a lot of scenes where John is not facing Kristen, but Marlena is. So I am behind his back looking at her taunting her, and you just see steam coming out of her ears. Itís fabulous! Really, I donít know what it is about her. Itís so much fun to torture her, it really is, because Marlena is so smug and she just bugs Kristen. So, she wants to knock her down a peg.
Just like old times. ;)

I have had scenes with Melissa Reeves, because Jennifer is Kristenís best friend! When I was on the show before, Jennifer and Kristen were very close. So now, she is always trying to get Jennifer to believe she has changed. Missy is so funny. She will look at me in the middle of rehearsal and go, ďYouíre so weird.Ē I mean, Kristen is weird. She does get to say some crazy things.
I don't want a single scene with Kristen and Jennifer if Peter's name isn't mentioned at least once.

Kudos to the writers for remembering they were actually friends though.
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