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just joey

Oct 18 2012, 10:33 PM
Oct 18 2012, 09:43 PM
Oct 18 2012, 06:12 PM
Jack offers Phyllis a position at Newman. At first she doesn't want it but after her and Nick's divorce starts to get nasty, she takes Jack up on his offer.

sony mb
I can't wait to see this showdown between NICK & Phyllis I hope Phyllis get NICK real bad for mess with Avery but I thing it going to be awesome see NICK & Phyllis at each other & I can't wait to see how this going to impact Avery,Summer, &Ronan I thing Nick & Phyllis are going to be so busy going after each other they are going to hurt Avery,Summer,&Ronan.
Nah, Navery will be a couple probably & Avery will go against her sister again, good for her, Phyllis needs to be bitch slapped hard, Nick & Avery falling for each other for real will do that. :popcorn:
I'de still love to see "Jack" finding out that "SUMMER" is his BRAT OFFSPRING". And if Phyllis & jack has sex & she gets prego (from) Jack , that will make kyle the kids 1/2 sibling, but if Jack & Phyllis gets married & she's already prego with Kyles kid, that would make Kyles kid , Jacks Grand child & Jack's Child, if he did not know that Phyllis was prego with Kyles baby :puke: . That would be some real freaky shit. We all know how much Phylis loves to lie. So what happens to Ronans character if she "Does Jack & Kyle"? :shrug: I can hardly contain my enthusiasm over seeing Nick the Dick's marriage to end in a Nasty, messy, divorce. I hope that ass hole get's put down so bad that he "Feels" just a tiny bit as bad as he has Made "Sharon" feel. :headbang:
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