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just joey

Oct 19 2012, 08:29 AM
So it sounds like she may give Rick a free pass & not Thomas?! YEESH! Sick & Tired of those Logans getting free passes for their "mistakes". I hope Thomas and Steffy team up to take over control FC & kick those Logan interlopers out once & for all. Let them form their own design house! :fight: :bleep:
I agree with Ksandru. Kind of like caroline Is living a double standard life.I would LOVVVVVE to see Steffy & Thomas team up, take over F.C.& "Both" of them run F.C., & kick every one of those Logan Magits to the curb. Donna is worthless. Brooke is a Lying bawl ass, & she needs to get a real job where she work's "fully clothed," instead of "Screwing" her way through the day :sex: . "Rick the Dick" Needs to get fired Too. Now that may Not make Thomas Or Steffy popular, but they never tried being popular, or winning any popularity contests. Steffy should not be just a sex toy for Liam. Her character is not being "Fully" utilized. If she is more like her "Name sake", than she needs to be able to use her "Bussiness Savy" in this soap. With her & Thomas running F.C. Those 2 can take B&B to new heights. And what ever "over whelms Thomas about runnin F.C. Steffy is more than able to take over any extra work that he can't handle. Maybe ERIC SR. "Needs " to appoint "STEFFY" as interim C.E.O. He needs to be over whelmed by his wife dying, so that he" can't " take over as C.E.O". :what: :stars: :facepalm:
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