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Oct 19 2012, 09:13 AM
Oct 19 2012, 12:26 AM
Ej has been making plans with Justin to take the baby away from Nicole. So yes he was planning to do that, just as Nicole and Rafe said he would. They were 100% in the right to hide the baby from him.

Nicole left EJ with no choice but to prepare to take legal action to prevent her from giving his child to another man. He knew they were lying all along - and Nicole's offer to reunite with him and raise the baby together IF he left Salem with her certainly sealed her motive for denying the baby was his. It was all about her jealousy of Sami.

Rafe's insistence that EJ was a threat to the baby is asinine. Looking back, EJ and Sami never had issues co-parenting until Sami chose to hide the fact she was pregnant with EJ's baby from him. In fact, during the time that Sami was away in witness protection EJ worked hard to keep her foremost in Johnny's thoughts - insuring Johnny knew how much she loved him and wouldn't forget her during her absence. It was only after Sami opted to keep his daughter from him and Rafe conspired to try to adopt and raise her right under EJ's nose that EJ then retaliated with the Sydnapping. Was it a wise choice? No - definitely not. But up to that point EJ had always maintained a respectful co-parenting relationship with Sami, despite the fact they were not together romantically. He just had no idea she wasn't doing the same.

Nicole knew all of this - she had a front row seat as it unfolded. So for her (and Rafe) to now claim EJ would have 'stolen' her baby from her is stupid. Nicole knew better than anyone that EJ never intended to do that with Johnny (before finding out Grace/Sydney was his) - she had no reason to believe EJ would have done it to her UNTIL she started lying and trying to prevent him from having a relationship with their child. She reaped what she sowed.
They had issues coparenting before Johnny was even born. And twice before Sami hid her pregnancy, EJ got court orders. Custody issues in Salem are just stupid. They all live a minute and a half apart. I wish they'd all just coparent those kids right out of Salem.
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