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camera shy
Oct 19 2012, 09:56 AM
Actually, I wish Rafe had stood there and run down for Sami all the reasons why he wanted to get revenge on EJ while EJ was still in the room. Hmmmm.......lets where he could start......because he played a part in putting a ex-convict in my wife's bed and let her get raped night after night...... And then I wish he had said to Sami, "Do you remember that? Oh and make yourself comfortable EJ because this might take a while. But Sami I'll tell you one thing I do regret is not running it by Nicole first about letting you help us keep the baby away from EJ. I should have at least checked with Nicole first on that......now where was I?" But this show doesn't have the common sense to hit every angle which would have made for a more interesting scene.
I wonder if Ej would be so eager to pursue Sami knowing how quickly she was ready to jump on board and hide another baby from him? She didn't think twice about it dude.
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