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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

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Very good a valid points BUT don't you see the irony in what all you stated. Sami knew EJ to be a good parent but decided during her pregnancy that he was this horrible person. Why? Jealous that Nicole was also carrying EJ's baby and he was with Nicole, so she couldn't let EJ get a hold of the child she was carrying. Now Nicole does the exact same thing for supposedly the exact same reason, jealous of Sami.

I definitely see the irony - or even more to the point, the rehashed story line.

I've never thought either one of them had a sound or solid reason for hiding their pregnancy from EJ. In Sami's case they did try to add some substance to it with having her see the mayor being murdered on the DiMera's doorstep - but that was after the fact and pretty flimsy, at best. But Nicole didn't even get that much help from the writers.
Quite true and the worst part is that both of these ladies is a disgrace to the women they were. Both always had street smarts and never needed the White Knight Hero but for some reason since Rafe and Mr. Perv came to town that's all the writers want to do is push Walt Disney's version of men on the viewers while most would rather watch men with a dark streak.

If we wanted Disney's we'd watch that channel. :blink:
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