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Oct 19 2012, 12:26 AM
Oct 18 2012, 11:47 PM
I'm glad that Sami told Rafe off, because everything she said to him was true. The issue was that Rafe lied to her after he promised to forgive her and not keep secrets from each other anymore. HE made her feel like crap for saying that he wasn't the father of Nicole's baby, and kept saying he was the father. Sami is upset because he made it look like she was the devil for keeping a secret, and it was alright for him to do it. Rafe took no responsibility, and blamed it on everyone else. We all know NIcole didn't come up with the lie he did so he pushed her under the bus. Then he said he lied because EJ would've taken the child away from Nicole which is another lie, becaue EJ wasn't going to do that until they tried to keep him from his child. We all know if Sami did that to Rafe he would kick her to the curb, and she is supposed to be the one to suck it up. Rafe was supposed to be this honest trustworthy guy, and Sami's rose colored glasses were finally broken today and I am happy. Rafe is a jerk, and he proved it in the way he acted on today's show. Sami said she understood why they lied, but Rafe didn't have to keep saying that the baby was his after the baby died. Sami is upset because Rafe didn't trust her, and she really tried to make it work this time around. Sami isn't perfect, but she did try to make up for hurting him, and made her feel like she was the one in the wrong about his lies. Rafe did tell Carrie the truth, and lets be honest there are some people that get under your skin, and Rafe knows how Sami feels about Carrie and NIcole. So lets be honest if someone did this crap to you would you let it go or be upset? Put yourself in her shoes and how would you react to Rafe in this situation?
Ej has been making plans with Justin to take the baby away from Nicole. So yes he was planning to do that, just as Nicole and Rafe said he would. They were 100% in the right to hide the baby from him.

If I was in Sami's shoes I would be hurt, at first. Then I would realize that it's actually a good thing to know that he hasn't slept with Nicole and they weren't having a baby together. He told her months ago that he hadn't slept with Nicole, and he wasn't lying then so that again, is a good thing.

Putting myself in Sami's shoes would also mean that EJ wouldn't have made it past my front door to get in and tattle (like a 5 year old) on Rafe. The door would be slamed in the face of the #1 liar, baby kidnapper, husband kidnapper, clone maker...etc in Salem.

IF he had been worthy of being Danny's father he would have stayed at the hospital to try and see his son instead of heading out to try and hurt Sami and Rafe.
Rafe took responsibility by telling Sami what EJ said about the baby was true.Rafe took responsility by explaining his belief (right or wrong) that he did not feel it was his secret to tell and he was upset earlier because he did not want to hurt her by lying which was why he was upset earlier.Before Rafe left the hospital ,Nicole did say to Rafe they should continue with the lie.Rafe told Carrie about the lie only because they were in the safe house with the bomb ticking and they thought they were going to dieSami has not really given Rafe any reason to trust her.Even when they were making up in Horton Square,she lied to him and said she received a work related text when in fact the text was from EJ.She committed a crime by helping EJ go on the run and involved her own son in that criminal behavior in order to help "the father of two of her children".Sami not being perfect is an understatement.She is a lying conniving hypocritical tramp who tried to make Rafe feel responsible for the breakup for their marriage because he kissed and cared for Carrie as though her having sex with the man who kidnapped and attempted to brain wash him after he risked his career to help her conceal the fact that she shot EJ in the head.Rafe has more reason to hold it against Sami that she had sex with EJ than Sami has to hold it against him that he lied to EJ for Nicole and was kissing/"emotionally unfaithful" with Carrie.If I was in Sami's shoes and Rafe forgave me for all of the crap I recently did with EJ ,I would thank him.
I almost laughed when Sami said Rafe was using her for sex.After Rafe told Sami about the baby instead of just holding him,she started kissing his neck and pawing him like a dog in heat.When Rafe stopped kissing her,Sami said,"It's okay.This was a mistake."Rafe said,"Yeah,it was.".Sami said,"I understand.You don't want to be touched.
You just need to take time.You take all the time you need."Sami is the one who's motor starts revving when there is a dead baby not Rafe.

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