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Yeah, I think we saw what I will hope lead to Pete's downfall. I like him, but I also can't wait to see the look on his face. This boy is destined for a blindside. LOL. I also can't wait to see the inevitable Abi-Maria boot.

Love Malcolm. And Denise. But Probst, STFU! I hate his commentary in the challenges. It's really turning me off to even watching the challenges with the volume on. I did like him calling out Abi-Maria though because all of us have been commenting on her always sitting out. They should change the sit out rule for when they don't have two challenges in a round.

I wasn't that upset to lose Dana. I thought both her and Dawson had potential but Dana quitting royally screwed Dawson. And then editing screwed them, although neither were really developed. To some level they were but not like I could have seen them being. I really hope Penner never comes back. I'm just not enjoying him this time.

I'm also getting sick of the hidden immunity idols. How about a season without them? THAT would be a REAL twist. LOL
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