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I loved the episode. Camila is trash. She's good at challenges, but she's a trashy person, with an ugly personality. On her first season, she cried her eyes out because people bullied her and didn't like her and after that she started doing it to other people. Ugly!

Oh, they definitely should have brought back Laurel! Is there a reason why she wasn't a part of FM team? She would have kicked ass. I hated when Laurel had her little insulting speech to Eric, but after that I kinda started to like her. Especially when she stood up for Cara Maria on Rivals, when Wes and Paula bullied her. Laurel making Paula cry was definitely one of the best moments ever on any challenge.

Anyways, New Orleans sucks! Jemmye and Knight have no team spirit and are all about themselves. Everyone knew that Preston and Mackenzie can't beat Sarah and Chet.

I love trivia challenge. I laughed my ass off. Those questions were SO EASY! Capital of England is Liverpool? Really? Season of a Challenge was played on which COUNTRY and someone answers EUROPE?! How many CONTINENTS was the Challenge played on? TWENTY ONE?!?!?! :lol: This was so hilarious!

So are Kenny and Evan NEVER coming back or what? I don't really care about Evan all that much, but Kenny can SOMETIMES be tolerable and makes a good anti-hero for me, someone to root against.
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