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Has anyoneelse seen this show I was just checking it out and I'm truly hooked on this show already.

It comes from the same creators that created Beauty and The Beast in the Eighties the series and comes from Ron Koslow,Paul Jungler Whitt,Tony Thomas.

I love the new twist and story context to it already Kristen Kruek plays Catherine Chandler and Catherine is a cop. Jay Ryan plays Vincent anyway theirs a whole new twist on it this time around but the lovestory is still their with Catherine and Vincent as well.

Its a great show and I'm hooked on it already is anyoneelse loving this show as much as I am for I love Beauty and The Beast and loved when Linda Hamilton and Ron Pearlman played Catherine Chandler and Vincent also but this time theirs a new story and new elements but same characters and the lovestory between Catherine and VIncent is still there as well.

Vincent still saves Catherine and is still her hero and saves the day always whenever Cathy is in trouble and I always loved this element with the series for Vincent will always save Catherine or Cathy whenever shes in danger or when ever shes in trouble he can feel when shes in trouble that strongly and always comes to her rescue and is doing that again I love it and I love this series.

Cathy has a younger sister and the story still takes place in New York but they show you the pilot and intro and first episode of Vincent saving Catherine from Merfield but also have Vincent telling his story to Catherine about how he became the way he is too so the plot is different but the lovestory is still there between Vincent and Cathy as well.

Cathy is an awesome cop and her and Vincent together are awesome together as well. Vincent was a doctor and a soldier at one too but was a victim of Merfield's too just like Cathy's mom who was shot and killed by Merfield employees and Cathy was about to be next but Vincent wound up saving her life anyway this is on the CW site where you can catch up on the first two episodes I can't say enough about this show for its really awesome. I can't wait to see the third episode of this 1rst season and hope they have more then one season for this show rocks.

Vincent saved her three times so far from a mugger,from the train and from other bad guys as well and I loved the song that played in the first introduction episode as well when Vincent watched Cathy from the rooftop as she was looking out the window and the almost kiss scenes and the way they were looking at each other already is awesome as well.

So the way I take it Merfield are the bad guys here and Vincent is the good guy who protects the city of New York and Cathy as well which is awesome. Anyway I recommend this show highly for its really awesome. I pysched about the third episode coming up this Thursday at 8PM and can't wait to see it.

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