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Oct 21 2012, 01:26 AM
Oct 19 2012, 12:36 PM
Oct 19 2012, 11:36 AM
This Katie storyline does nothing for me. I don't feel one bit sorry for her. She knew what kind of man Bill was. He locked her in a closet for hell's sake and tried to kill a pregnant woman! No woman in her right mind would have stayed with a man like that, much less chose to get pregnant by him (which she only did to hold on to him). As far as I'm concerned, Katie can disappear forever.
Yet is was okay for Katie to ask Bill to get rid of her father murder charge against Stephanie, being the CEO of FC when Bill acquired the company by making Eric payment late, stealing Steffy's MRI without her permission, and when she confronted Marcus about Bill involvement in Italy and after she called him,he told her nothing was wrong, she didn't even to think to call Brooke, Ridge, of Liam; she just put her head in the sand, again.
Exactly. It's okay for Bill to be bad when it works in Katie's favor. Otherwise, she's snotting all over the place.
ITA, Katie uses Bil only when she needs him.
Some FB are tired of Katie and her medical drama. This storyline would have been more creditable if Katie stayed in the hospital a few days after her C-section/heart attack. She comes home the next day and suddenly she depressed?????

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