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I think Kristin Rocks and truly is awesome. I love that Vincent and Cathy's love story is back too and loved when Vincent in his beast form saved her from the Merfield employees in the woods,and at the train station and saved Catherine from being hit by the on coming train and loved when they were standing up against the wall and loved the way they looked into each others eyes and wanted to kiss one another after Vincent saved her the trainstation moment and Vincent watching Catherine were my most favorite moments in the first episode along with him saving her as well in the woods and at the train station.

The scene of the pilot first episode at the end was amazing when Vincent was crouched down watching Cathy on the roof top across the street on top of the building next door look out the huge windows at her father's engagement party up on the roof looking at her with love in his eyes whos hes hero and protector already and will always come to her rescue when shes in danger or when shes in trouble which is truly amazing and really great as well.

I loved when Vincent was watching Cathy in that last scene from the first episode for it was perfect. Even though Merfield may have turn Vincent into a beast/human with super strength,super speed and his eyes glow.

Vincent is still gentle loving and kind and saves peoples lives when their in trouble or are in danger when the bad guys go after them and Vincent is not a monster like Cathy said and is a hero and a protector and will always portect Cathy and people of the New York too. Vincent is also alway watching over Cathy or has a strong connection to her and knows when shes near or when shes in trouble as well and rushes to her rescue when she is.

Cathy is going to keep his secret and is going to protect Vincent and make sure hes not found out and even though Merfield turned Vincent into a beast and a monster Cathy doesn't see him as a monster at all and called him a hero and knows hes a hero and protector and will saved her and others from the bad guys as well many times.

Vincent has super speed,his eyes glow and sometimes his face changes and has super strength to battle bad guys as well and other hightened senses too.

Vincent is still human his senses are just more hightened and he has these special abilities and sometimes the beast within him comes out but hes still has a really good heart is gentle loving and is hero who protects innocent people who are in danger from bad guys going after the bad guys and protecting the people of New York and Cathy too when their in trouble.

I have a feeling that Cathy now that shes trying to stop Merfield to help out Vincent since Vincent was a victim of Merfield too and Merfield turned Vincent into who he is now and digging into the Merfield cover up and dig into bringing her mother's killers down that she will be in more danger then before but Vincent will be their to protect Cathy keeping a close watch over her and will be able to sense when Cathy's in trouble and Cathy's in danger and will wind up saving her from Merfield and won't let anyone hurt Cathy and will stop them and won't let them near Cathy.

I loved when Kristin and Jay were talking about what the shows about and said that the lovestory of Vincent and Cathy would be heavily focused on once more where Vincent is still Cathy's hero and protector and will always save her from the bad guys if Catherine is in trouble and that they would wind up protecting each other and saving each other.

The story their telling is Vincent and Cathy's lovestory still which is awesome but theirs other elements in there too with Merfield,JT,and more but I love that their sticking to main elements too of telling Vincent and Catherine's love story as well with Vincent still being her and the people of New York and other places too protector and hero as well.

Vincent is looking for a cure though for what Merfield did to him. Hes a doctor and trying to find a cure for what Merfield did to him. I also loved when Vincent saved her from the guy on the bike too anyway I love this show and hooked on it and can't wait for Thursday to get here once more.

Even though Vincent may have been turned into a beast due to what Merfield did to him hes not a monster like Cathy said and is a hero and protector and is gentle and loving and has a really good heart and saved her life twice and in the second episode that would make it three times already and he tried saving others as well.

As Catherine save their now going to save each other and wind up protecting each other and Catherine knows shes not crazy and knows she was saved by a beast that night in the woods and that he saved her life more then once and she knows hes a really good person and has a really good heart and is gentle and loving and is a hero and protector as well and Catherine knows hes not a monster,

Catherine knows the people who killed her mom that were from Merfield and brought about Vincent's transformation where Vincent was a victim as well are.
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