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BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL: How many boxes of Kleenex have you gone through? Its the end for Stephanie as she tells her family one by one, but the person most distraught by Steph's illness is Thorne. Finally Winsor Harmon gets to be in a story and show why B&B has kept him all these years. The scene between Mother and son are Emmy worthy. We see Stephanie telling Thorne that she is not leaving in the sense of the word and that she will always be with him. Sources say after her death scene we may be seeing more of Stephanie in a spiritual way....And what about Ridge how will he take his mother illness and again who will be playing Ridge? Would Moss stay for the demise of Stephanie? Insiders have said Ms Flannery made a personal request to Moss but as of now he has not agreed to do it. Is it a pride thing, don't know but we hear his real life wife said he should....Is Brooke after her sister's husband or is just the shock of both loosing their better halves? Still that doesn't stop the two in a passionate kiss that they soon both regret....Hearing alot of noise that we may be seeing the end of Hope. Apparently someone on the inside says it is time for her to leave. The character was created to be a counter to Brooke, a mini-Taylor type character who was sweet and kind and gained sympathy, but for whatever reason, the fans didn't buy it and whispers are Brad finally got a clue as well. Rumor has it Hope will leave town to mourn the loss of her pregnancy, now the question is if Hope returns will it be with a new face?

YOUNG & THE RESTLESS: The holidays will be very intense in Genoa City. It has all of the ingredients to make a good soap opera. New beginnings, lots of love in the air, less not forget defeat and sadness. The battle between the Newman's and the Abbott's will reach a new level of intensity! HW Josh Griffith reports.......It's another wedding for Victor and Nikki regardless that their beloved ranch burned down. Once again Victor vows he has changed and what he has in store for his children and his beloved Newman Enterprises will shock many. It's a new ballgame folks one that Victor intends to win....Poor Sharon she has hit rock bottom but not to fret Adam is there for her. You would think she would go to a professional but noooooooooooo Adam falls into her web. This could be the story where we will see the Sharon we once loved, or not.....Jack taking over Newman? What the hell!!! But remember Jack while you may be on top of the word for now remember Newton's law...what goes up must comes down. It doesn't help that Billy and Victoria will face a dangerous situation that Jack sets in motion to test his brothers devotion......Nick please sign those divorce papers, enough is enough and you can't be that stupid. Alot of pain from this will be felt by Avery, Summer and Ronan. Now the question is will Jack be there to help?.....Cane will hold Genevieve responsible for not getting him the CEO job at Jabot and Tucker will be concerned about Katherine when she goes back to work so he asks Jill to come back. Jill's first air date is 11/2....If you haven't' heard by now there's a new cop in town "Alex" played by Ignacio Serricchio, but what secret is he keeping and who will it effect?

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