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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Jason leaves this week in a matter of speaking (splash!) but the door is open for a return. When that will be is unclear if at all, it may be months or even years before that happens. Someone takes advantage of a prime opportunity to blame his exit elsewhere. RC plans on misleading you to the real cause. Jason's exit ties into the bigger storyline of the villains behind the events in PC. Of course you know by now it was Duke who shot Jason.....Tea has been working as lead counsel for Clint's company, Buchanan Enterprises. A vengeful Tea enlists Clint's aid to help destroy Todd and Clint is all too willing, and has his own agenda. Tea's relationship with Clint complicates her friendship with John. Clint could also play into this ELQ story, however, my sources differ and it may be Duke. Just remember Heather holds many secrets and they will come to light soon enough.....Word is that Kimberly did some scenes this week and we will get a glimpse of Robin. Rumor has it that Duke wants Robin to believe she escaped. My information reads Duke manufactures Robin's escape in such a way it will not trace back to him. ....It's the end for Joe Scully Jr. and the actor Richard Steinmetz who I have grown quite fond of. Sadly he taped his last scene weeks ago. Due to Steve Burton deciding he wanted out TPTB had to modify the story to adjust the exit within the story, which forced Steinmetz’s storyline to end. I spoke with Richard and he said "I was kinda sad myself. I enjoyed the character and going to work on GH everyday. I felt there was quite a bit of possibilities for Scully. All that you mentioned as well as hashing it out with Connie. I truly believe our characters could have lit it up one way or another. I thank you for your support, it means a lot." He mentioned in an interview with SOD that his co-stars regretted his early departure as well. “A lot of people told me they were unhappy I was leaving, like Erik Valdez (Trey), my on-screen son, and Kelly Sullivan (Kate/Connie). It doesn’t change anything, but it makes me feel good.” Soaptown will have an interview with him in the very near future....Many are hoping that when Genie is done at YR she will come back to GH. People please remember there are budgets and Genie doesn't come cheap, while many would love to see the return right now it is not in the cards at this time.

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