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Tonya filed a lawsuit against Bunim-Murphy, MTV, Evan and Kenny for multiple reasons. The main reason was that she passed out and Evan and Kenny um, used a toothbrush in an area that it shouldn't be used. Basically, they raped her. It's on camera. The fight with Veronica was the producers way to get her kicked off. She alleges that they were given almost no food and lots of alcohol. If you notice, Evan is the one who holds her back because he knows he fucked up bad. She says that the conditions were terrible. She didn't know what happened to her until one of the girls told her the next day, upsetting her, and when Veronica, her long time nemesis starts stirring the pot Tonya goes nuts. So she is also suing them for not getting her stipend, which at that point in the game wasn't very much. It is also why Wes is very protective of the girls. He hates Kenny with a PASSION!

In Battle of the Exes, when Vinny pulled off Mandi's shirt and the next day Vinny asks Mark if he thinks he will be going home, Mark says that the rules have gotten much stricter. It is because of the lawsuit. Now it was filed in a timely manner, but wasn't made into public knowledge until the last possible date which was last year. For a long time none of the girls like Kimberly, Diem, Shavoun, Casey and many others would come to a challenge if they were on it. Diem came back for Exes because they weren't going to be there. You should look it up online, it is a fascinating read. You can just google it. Their names are Evan Starkman and Kenny Santucci. Kenny still does work for MTV as a host for the after Jersey Shore episodes.
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