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Yeah, I was just reading about it yesterday on that website you game a link to.

So there's a video tape? I didn't know that info. I read that Tonya's lawyer asked Katie to testify and she refused (I guess she told Tonya of the incident). I wonder why Katie wouldn't testify though, especially if it's on tape.

And I had no idea Veronica/Tonya fight was made to kick Tonya off the show. it was such a great moment, when she FINALLY smacks Veronica. Poor Tonya...

I was gonna ask if this is why we have SO MANY newbies this year, but it can't be since Kenny and Evan aren't there anyway.

And wait, Mandi is also suing Vinny?? Wow, had no idea!

BTW, my friend told me Diem has cancer again :(
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