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Oct 20 2012, 11:30 AM
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If Rafe only told Carrie because he thought they were gonna die, that should make it even worse for Sami. By saying that he's telling her he loved Carrie so much she needed to know the truth before they 'died'. Otherwise, why else the hell would it matter? They were gonna die. So what.

Sami wake up and realize Rafe is just another guy who would prefer your sister over you given another real chance.
Maybe he just wanted to clear his conscience before he died? If it had been Sami there maybe he would have told her the truth too. I'd say a man who would forgive a woman for having sex with his most hated enemy, one who tortured him, locked him away in a mental institute and erased all his memories is showing a more 'loving' gesture than one who spills a secret before dying.

If Rafe really preferred Carrie why didn't he ever fight for having a relationship? He was wimpy on that count and seemed more content to just go through the motions of 'having feelings' rather than give them any merit. IMO Carrie was just a distraction for Rafe.
I don't see Carrie as a distraction at all because Rafe starting getting all hot for her while he and Sami were together before he had any inkling of grief sex. If it were after that, I would definitely buy into that more, but it wasn't.

I don't know why Rafe didn't fight for Carrie. It played that he was trying to do the stand up thing, because Austin was such a great guy who deserved to raise his child with his wife. Obviously, behind the scenes it was a quick, non-sensical wrap up to usher PM and CC off screen.

I wish Rafe would have fought for Carrie. I happened to enjoy the Cafe chemistry. I thought they had something despite the piss poor way they were writing them. Rafe loving Carrie totally fit because that's they type of girl he always wanted Sami to be even before Carrie stepped back into Salem and he met her. I don't see Sami when she's with Rafe. I see Sami trying to be Carrie and I've been saying that before it was announced Christie Clark was coming back.

Nah, still not buying it as all hot for Carrie over Sami. When they fought over the kiss Rafe said that things had been off in their marriage and that Sami had been distant and pulling away. He felt she still blamed him for his part in the shooting. He carried a lot of guilt over his insistence the family join John at the pub and I got the impression he was hurt Sami was acting out of repressed blame. He was not happy with the state of their relationship. If their marriage was in tip top shape and Carrie hadn't been making the obvious play for Rafe that we saw since she hit town I might feel differently. It was pretty obvious that Carrie definitely had Rafe in her sights and was more than eager to offer herself up to him. The girl was all smiles, hugs and compliments. I think any disheartened guy would be hard pressed to respond to the constant flirting she was initiating. After the kiss Rafe apologized profusely to Sami, wrote her the letter telling her he wanted her, quit his job with Carrie and kept showing up at the loft begging to return and in fact the scene with Marlena, Sami and Rafe you could tell they were at the point of working through it. Then the grief sex came out and Rafe cut Sami out of his life. To me that is not choosing Carrie over Sami.

The whole thing with Austin was just ridiculous writing. Carrie kept Austin in her back pocket the whole time while Rafe seemed to meander along content to accept that they had 'feelings' for each other that couldn't amount to anything. Not the actions of a guy crazy in love imo. I think Carrie's pregnancy just gave Rafe an easy out. He could appease her that he was disappointed and doing the stand up thing. Feeling good about himself in the situation by stepping aside was more important than making a future work. Why would Rafe want Carrie stuck in a loveless marriage if he cared so deeply for her? All these actions make me believe Carrie was an attractive substitute and not someone Rafe really loved and especially not as a choice over Sami considering the actions I've seen him take to pursue a future with her.

As much as it's touted that Rafe wants Sami to be Carrie-like, I don't buy that either. I think Rafe thrives on the chaos Sami brings to his life. He needs that drama and I believe even told her once his life was boring and predictable before he met her and he was unhappy living that way. He doesn't like Sami lying to him, but I do believe he gets off on all the craziness she draws him into. Carrie would never had been a lasting match for Rafe because she offers none of that for him.
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