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Thanks Jason,

I wished they'd kept the Allamain's in town, when Carly came back and they kept showing LAwrence's ghost I was truly hoping they'd have him really be alive. As usual Day's missed great opp with losing Vivian and Carly, as well as never truly bring Lawrence back and Nick could have also been a great addition. I loved when Phillip/Melanie were married thought that the writers could have struck gold with that pairing and the family dynamic. IF Lawrence found out that he truly was Melanie father. Phillip having two mothers who hate each other fighting for him Vivian/Kate, Melanie having Vivian/Carly fighting over her. Lawrence and Daniel fighting over Melanie, would have been a great storyline where Orangeglow is actually not groping a patient. Victor involved in so many directions, also if STATE was still together Stefano just being in there could have led to some great scenes. Could have left Daniel and Chloe married with Nick going after Chloe. And all this fighting and Phillip/Melanie are trying to just be happy away from the drama of all their families.

So many opps and instead we get same ole shit with The Sami Hour.

Ironically with all I just said three large families in Salem all out war and not a Horton or Brady involved, yet still having some of Day's great actors with real drama. What a waste.
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