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Oct 23 2012, 02:05 PM
I guess I am one of the few who actually is intrigued by the prospect of a Brady and Kristen relationship. The age difference doesn't phase me in the least. Why can't an older woman chase a younger man? It's not like Brady is a neophyte when it comes to relationships. Plus, it will undoubtedly piss off John and Marlena which is always fun. This pairing could bring all kinds of fun drama to the show.

So Gabi faints about 10 weeks after screwing Will. If this is what leads to the discovery of her pregnancy, she is officially dumber than that lunkhead brother of hers. If the writers had to make her pregnant, the least they could have done was have Nick boink Gabi immediately after he was released from prison so that there would be some mystery surrounding the baby's paternity. As it is now, she should be showing a baby bump around Thanksgiving. I imagine Rafe will see the baby bump and tell Gabi to lay off the pumpkin pie during the holiday feast.
I don't think it's mainly the age - it's that it highlights the shallowness of Days' dating pool. I'm interested in seeing where they go, but all I can think of is Brady telling Marlena that Kristen's going to be his mommy. Then when that fades away, we have the whole relatives, thing. I don't think Kate and EJ, for example, had as much initial opposition, since we didn't know she'd slept with half his family at that point.

LL, I'm sure Kate was being hyperbolic, but she said something about Wilson only having dated for a week. So, wabi and gack might only have slept together less than a month apart.
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