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Oct 23 2012, 04:22 PM
Oct 23 2012, 03:57 PM
Am not sure why people hate this character... Steffy has done way more bad things than hope... All Hope has done was to fall in love with Liam...
I hate Steffy at times. She can be such a bitch. And I don't think she should be with Liam at all. IMO he loves Hope more than her. The only reason he's ever with Steffy is because of outside manipulation (from Bill and now Rick) that keeps him from Hope.
No, Hope manipulated the situation with Liam by moving out the house and playing four weddings without any input from Liam.
Liam begged and begged until he couldn't take it anymore.
Hope wanted Liam to be miserable and have him wait until she decided she was ready to forgive him.

Hope made an immature decision when she was mad at Liam. Now that she is calming down, she beginning to waffle her feelings toward Liam.
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