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Okay, I couldn't even make it through 10 seconds of the EJ/Jennifer scene. JS and MR are NOT a good combination. However, the threatening EJ at the end? That's the sweevil guy I used to actually tolerate.

Kristen clearly needs to have her eyes checked. John does not look the same. Kristen is still cracking me up and I actually love the background music playing in these scenes. It's kind of light and fun. M: You're a liar. K: Not anymore. Hee!! Love it.

Lucas telling Sami some truths is always fun. I love how BD is playing these scenes. His smile when he got to the Carrie stuff was awesome.

Em...yeppers!! 110% agree =) Sort of incredible how in that single line and delivery, the history shared between these two, how long they have known each other, came rushing out to me. Not like I needed a reminder really. Magic indeed, as the spark is always there and scenes such as today's are such good vehicles for their chemistry. The Lumi scenes, unsurprisingly, made me smile amid the dreck of the rest of the show. Although, no, I did really like seeing Kristen stand in the doorway, John turn around and Kristen smirk back at him.

And, maybe I am alone here, but I rather enjoyed EJ staring down Jennifer. I dislike Jennifer so much, that I actually appreciate EJ in comparison. Also liked seeing Lucas Horton interact with Jennifer. That makes a total of, what, ten minutes in 19 years? ;)

All that business in the Horton Town Square in front of the plaque - the less said about that, the better. How many moments like that can Tomlin write, I mean really? No matter how hard he might try, writing Safe as a grand, cinematic 1940s movie couple won't make me buy into them anymore. I can't erase the memory of that "search" of theirs thru the HTS a few weeks ago. Bogie and Bacall they ain't.
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