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Oct 23 2012, 10:24 PM
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Am not sure why people hate this character... Steffy has done way more bad things than hope... All Hope has done was to fall in love with Liam...
I hate Steffy at times. She can be such a bitch. And I don't think she should be with Liam at all. IMO he loves Hope more than her. The only reason he's ever with Steffy is because of outside manipulation (from Bill and now Rick) that keeps him from Hope.
No, Hope manipulated the situation with Liam by moving out the house and playing four weddings without any input from Liam.
Liam begged and begged until he couldn't take it anymore.
Hope wanted Liam to be miserable and have him wait until she decided she was ready to forgive him.

Hope made an immature decision when she was mad at Liam. Now that she is calming down, she beginning to waffle her feelings toward Liam.
Outside manipulations: Trapping Hope on the gondala, Bill using Deacon to try and destroy Hope, Rick telling that guy to tell Hope that he saw Liam and Steffy kissing when it didn't happen, etc, etc...

Liam, when given the option free of schemes and manipulations, chooses Hope. It will happen again and again.
Well lets add Deacon, Marcus, Katie, Justin, Allison, and Brooke.
Marcus said something was up, Katie called Bill and he assured her that everything was okay. Yet she failed to mention to call Brooke, Hope, Ridge, and Liam.
Steffy gave Lope plenty of time to be together. When she went to Aspen, both Brooke and Hope giggled like school girls.
Brooke convincing her daughter to sleep with Liam to take Steffy power away.
Refusing to move out of Liam's house after she was outed by the press.
Brooke, Katie, and Ridge watching the video and yet not one of them deleted it from Brooke computer. Steffy deleted the video from the broken IPAD and yet a copy it made on Brooke's computer do to a technical wonder.

Hope manipulating Eric and Ridge to design her wedding dresses, and lying to Eric/Stephanie wanting her wedding at their house. The same house were her mother had sex with Oliver during her graduation party. Hope manipulate Liam when she moved out the house and expected him to begged for forgiveness until he was blue in the face.

Deacon came to FC and still hid the truth from her. But he can blackmail Bill.
Hope mantra is playing the innocent victim and blaming others.
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