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Wow, could Daniel be any more of a jerk?! 'Hey Nicole baby lets split but first let my true love off the hook cuz there is no way she had any culpability in your accident.' I wish Nicole would come to her senses and realize this man is so not worth wanting to build a life with. Eric can't get here soon enough for me!

Lucas you make me laugh! Love his way with words and especially holding up the mirror to Sami. I think these two work so well together in these scenarios. I actually think they are more interesting as a couple when shown as brutally honest friends. They have an amusing spark and their history clinches the authenticity of the moments. I also think the subtext of their romantic history keeps it fresh and the viewers guessing.

I'm not sure the Horton plaque had any deep meaning other than a prop to have Sami thinking of Rafe right before she bumped into him.
It did amuse me that the renewal ceremony, when Sami was big time lying to Rafe to appease her conscience, was the moment she reflected on. Wasn't that basically her 'new start' with a carried on lie? What goes around comes around.

I liked Ej tormenting Jennifer and her finally cowering on the stairs. Don't mess with a Dimera. I also like that he is keeping Daniel and Rafe unsure of his motives. Rafe is right to not trust Ej letting them off the hook and I loved Daniel's line about not knowing if what Ej says is true because he lies so smoothly.

Kristen's return still needs more pow for me. I want to be drawn in immediately and it's just not happening. I'd like more undercurrents to the deviousness that lies within to get excited about her. Marlena going a little nuts over mistrusting Kristen adds some amusement, but I don't need to be guessing if she's reformed as the story. I want wicked fun and I want it now!

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