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I dont' see Will as disloyal. Remember when he told Sonny he thought Sonny was out of his league? Sonny was surprised and Will said "I'm new at this." I think it's the uncertainty of being out of the closet. The relationship dynamics are the same and Sonny knows that but Will is just learning the ropes. For Sonny this is familiar territory but for Will it feels like taking a flying leap into open air and not knowing what, if anything, is at the bottom of the fall.

And I have to say I find Lucas and Kate as the hypocritical shits in all of this. When you think of the fact that it was Lucas and Sami not being able to keep their clothes as the reason Will is here, and the fact that Kate was a hooker at one point, sanctimonious high horse-ness on the part of either of them is laughable. As for Sonny being a user - that is equally funny. He's in college, has his own business, and comes from a very wealthy and powerful family, and is a very nice-looking young man who could have whoever he wanted. What in the world is he using Will for? And Kate telling Lucas that gay people do kiss? Well, Kate, my dear, that's not all they do and as a gay man she and Lucas need to do the math and figure out that's not all they'll be doing, either.

The s/l angle of Adrienne disapproving was presented in such a way as to make us think it was going to be a big deal and it turned out to be more fizzle than fire. I've compared it to expecting a Roman Candle on the 4th of July and getting a Sparkler instead. So, I'm hoping that this argument between Sonny and Will turns out to be the same. I'm also thinking - and, yes, hoping - that when "Sonny puts the breaks on the relationship' they mean that he just slows it down some.

I read the transcript of an interview with SSH (Julie) and BH (Doug) where the wedding in January was mentioned. The interviewer commented that WilSon fans would be so upset if that was Wll and Gabi. While SSH and BH didn't give away too much, they did say WilSon fans wll love it - so here's hoping.
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