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Sammie Jo
Oct 24 2012, 10:26 AM
I wish VR would just give it a rest, she obviously can't get hired anywhere else and she keeps stirring the pot at Sony.
It's time to move on VR. I used to really like her, started watching her back when she was on the show with Dick Van Dyke, but she's been working on my last nerve for awhile now, and I think she's just embarrassing herself. JMO
Now you talk about a batshit crazy woman. VR is completely out of reality and crazy as a damn loon.
I listened to her on Fox Hole a weekly radio program and all she could talk about was how minorities were mistreated. How she was mistreated. She tried to get KSJ involved in it and he was on the show. He refused and told her to fight her own battles Daris McCray was on there too and he told her to get lost too.
She needs to shut her crazy ass and work on another book because she needs something other then how she was so wrongly treated on YnR and them not hiring her back. Does this woman forget she broke her contract and left because she wanted to leave. Not once but last time made it her second time to leave the show with her just walking out. She is damn lucky they hired the batshit crazy woman the first time.
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