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Viewing Single Post From: Tuesday, October 23rd Daily Discussion
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I have to say, aside from SlamMe I quite enjoyed this episode. Lucas just BROUGHT IT with all the snark. Why is he not around more?????

EJ was a bit OTT and ridiculous and the fact that he went and started going off on Nicole, Eyebrows & orangeglow only to walk away telling them he is doing nothing was rather pointless. And I am now more convinced then ever that GG sucks a million times harder than usual in scenes with JS. It's like, Ok, EJ has entered the room so Rafe must stand there with smug douche-face the entire time. Whatever.

I LMFAO when EJ had that little 30 second tidbit of shifting his eyes back & forth in the style of Peter Blake once he left the hospital room. Unfortunately for him, Jason Brooks was waaaaaaaaay better at it. But it definitely brought me back.

Jennifer has been so hit or miss with me lately. I mean, I hate the whole Daniel is my twu wuv 4 eva thing already...And I hate that this woman who has a grow up child is embroiled in a s/l that seems more suited to someone her daughter's age...but that aside...Some of the fights with Nicole, MR was actually quite good. Today she just annoyed the shit out of me. It's like when MR's hair looks good, she's good...when her hair looks atrocious (like in this episode) she gets on my nerves. Weird. JS really sucked in those scenes too, but I've long ago accepted that when JS is good, he's REALLY good and when he's not, he's damn near unwatchable. I kept waiting for him to "sashay" away. lol

SlamPig and her sighing at the HTS plaque was all kinds of lame. AS is all kinds of lame. We need more Lucas crapping on her, as that is the only way I find her tolerable.

And Eileen Davidson...How do I love thee...I agree that her return doesn't have enough bag...and that she absolutely needs to show more "evil" in her actions...But I love the holy Hell outof her. She does more acting with her face than most of the actors on this show have done with their whole bodies and voices in years. And Deidre was cracking me up too. More, please!!!!

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