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"GENERAL HOSPITAL" - November is about family on ABC's "General Hospital," with family secrets that will change what everyone thought to be true, and includes a bittersweet goodbye. The Quartermaine, Scorpio and Corinthos families are shocked as loved ones return in body and in spirit. The truth is revealed about the mysterious Duke Lavery, while Patrick tries to move on with his life. The Quartermaines' Thanksgiving tradition continues as they give thanks for all that is involved in being a family - the good, the bad and everything in between...the circle of life. The November storylines coincide with the surprising return of fan favorite Sean Kanan. "General Hospital" airs MONDAY-FRIDAY (2:00-3:00 p.m., ET).



SOD Sweeps Spoilers

Sam is hesitant to lean on John even though she needs him. John is lost and trying to find his place.

Michael's life is turned upside down and he needs Starr.

SK's arrival in Port Charles is a new chapter to the story. His character affects the whole canvas.

There is going to be a big Q Thanksgiving this year that honors JI and Edward.

Luke is determined to get to the truth about Duke. Anna is being wooed and looking for the guy Joe Jr was working for. Questions about Duke will be answered in November.

Robin will be seen and she makes an attempt to contact her family.

Patrick is struggling to move forward.

The door is open to the possibility of romance for Carly and Todd but she's gunshy. Something upsets Carly's life. Todd tries to get out of trouble and generally does.

Lulu is open to the idea of surrogacy and adoption, adoption first. They explore that together. It's their main November story but they will be involved with other things.

Maxie doesn't give up easily but Ellie is so nice and has a lot in common with Spinelli. She realizes that Spin is the man for her and she is going to try to get between them. She stumbles onto an idea to launch her first "attack".

Liz doesn't want to believe that Jason is gone. Rebuilding her life without him is basically where her life is going.

Heather has dirt on Todd and he's trying to keep that quiet.

Sonny is coping with life without Jason and possibly Kate. He and Alexis head to court. Connie has some tricks up her sleeve.

Sabrina finds out about the Nurses' Ball. The possibility of it coming back is explored in November.

Olivia has a hallucination that is pretty major and leads to a major revelation about one of the characters. Steve is by her side and trying to contend with Heather, who just won't go away

Trey's relationship with Kristina was built on lies. Can they start from scratch?

Interesting sidenote: Sean Kanan is dressed as the Grim Reaper for Halloween.

Source: Paula @ SNS
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