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Phyllis is the epitome of ghetto trash, how she was all up in Christine's face at CL. Phylthy Christine doesn't want your stupid sad ass life. Christine isn't less of a person because she's more career oriented. Having a husband and children doesn't make you above anyone else. Oh wait Summer hates her and Nick is divorcing her, I guess she doesn't have a life after all according to Phyllis. When Christine was going to tell her about herself Phyllis wags her finger in the air saying Christine isn't going to go there but it's ok for Phyllis to go there. Who is Phyllis to dictate what Christine says, OMG I was hoping Christine beat the bitch down into a damn coma. I bet all those people there thought that psycho bitch needed a straight jacket and electroshock therapy.

Noah's punk ass now thinks he should have been supportive of Sharon. Yea you think stupid. He goes and criticize Sharon for marrying Victor but he goes right up and hugs Victor the man that married his mother. He's such a damn loser. :flipoff: you Noah.
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