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Oct 23 2012, 08:31 PM
John way overdid that reaction to Kate coming in the office. I hope we aren't returning to the days of Drake trying too hard. Kate's interest in Nick makes absolutely no sense. She was the one who offered him a job and he turned her down. As far as I know, Sami has never talked to Nick. It makes me wonder if they cut something and then forgot they cut it. So bizarre. I'm sure this is unpopular, but I actually like Kate's outfit today. Wardrobe has seriously been better lately.

Oh goody, another flashback to Drake's hairy chest. We can stop those anytime now. I do adore Eric and Drake as father and son.

Kristen and Marlena are delicious. They've needed someone to push Marlena's buttons for a while. She's much more interesting. Kristen is rapidly becoming my new favorite character. Hee! Kristen's "I've been to therapy" line was hilarious. Kristen is seriously cracking me up. I love every reaction to Marlena's hostility.

Wilson are so cute. And I do like T. I think Will could be a country singer with that guitar, shirt, and haircut. The PSA is a little much, but overall it's not too bad. Will's reaction to Sonny's proposal is hilarious. CM did that well. I'm glad Sonny specified Idaho for the honeymoon. No marriage here. All of this talk about not rushing into marriage makes me think that a Will/Gabi wedding is coming up.

I like the Brady/Jennifer scenes. Or at least I like Brady in them. Jen is still bugging me, but I think it's MR, not the character.

Shockingly, I liked the Maggie/Daniel scenes. I thought SC was good and SR was too, once I could stop staring at her hair.
You are not the only person who liked Kate's dress.The cut,color,and fit were exceptional.
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