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camera shy
Oct 24 2012, 05:08 PM
Oct 24 2012, 03:55 PM
Well they pretty much spelled out that Ej's going to go after Sami yet again and that Sami is going to be hoodwinked yet again into believing he is a 'changed man'. Cue the Stupid Sami music. Ej should be all about making Sami's life miserable, especially since she had no qualms about hiding another baby from him. His pursuit of her on a romantic level is asinine. I guess the point is to show that Ej truly is obsessed with possessing her much like his father wanted Marlena and Kristen with John. The Dimera legacy. I just wish Sami could have some intelligence based on her past experiences to guide her for a change. If we have to suffer this story at least bring something new to the table.

I liked that it was brought to light that Sami was running the cosmetic's company into the ground. Totally believable with her lack of background and lack of attention to the company. I was once excited about The Mole storyline because of it's originality and how it focused on the high powered women, Kate and Madison. Sami as a sneak made perfect sense as she worked inside to tear Kate's company apart. But of course that storyline fizzled out a huge disappointment before it even began. If Sami is going to continue in the cosmetic company I hope the writers can come up with something that highlights some cut throat action and gives the women back a place of power.

Loved Bo, Hope and Caroline. What a great storyline!

I thought Chad was in a bathrobe at first too! :P

Perfect timing Gabi. Sorry Rafe, you may have those puppy dog eyes but Sami deserves to stay pissed at you longer than a day. He needs to work for it rather than just lament that the relationship is over. Does the guy know nothing of groveling to a scorned woman? Get it together man.

I really liked the Kristen and Ej scenes, I just wished she had chided him more for being a sucker where Sami is concerned. I guess Nicole is really out of the picture for Ej now. Shame on that score.
Well at least with Stefano and Marlena Stefano grew his balls back and put them to good use on a woman who eventually came to love him, Kate.
Personally, I think that's a pretty rotten example.
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