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Viewing Single Post From: TV Guide: Will and Sonny Finally Have Sex (video preview)

Oct 25 2012, 09:35 AM
Oct 25 2012, 09:25 AM
Count me in the 'finally???' group. I feel like they didn't even admit to one another they were interested until a week ago.
I can only wonder what people will think when Gabi and Nick have sex next week, which is still two weeks before Will and Sonny. I guess "finally" is a matter of perspective. It may be slow by historical soap standards but not by modem societal standards.
I think people are just comparing WilSon "finally" having sex to the other couples in the past who had a nice buildup to their love stories but still had to wait longer for the sex to happen than WilSon waited. I don't think they were comparing WilSon to Nick & Gabi. Their lack of buildup is a result of the current regime and how every new couple is rushed nowadays compared to how love stories were told in the past. Nabi sex is being rushed for pure plotpoint purposes because they are being used to facilitate Gabi getting pregnant so she can pass the baby off as Nick's, that's all. They clearly weren't trying to tell a love story for Nabi like they at least did with WilSon. But still, in comparison to how long other legacy pairings on Days waited before having sex, WilSon's "finally" is really nothing at all.
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