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Oct 24 2012, 10:28 AM
Oct 24 2012, 08:37 AM
My goodness, it seems everyone likes Steffy because she manipulates and she is the bad girl and she is Taylor's daughter...She is still a bad seed....Hope maybe boring to you and a Logan, she is a better person than Steffy. Anyday!!! I like Hope's character and I am happy she stood up to Liam....the only thing I hate about Hope now is pineing for Liam the jerk!!! Who is in love with 2 women...she needs to move on and find someone new or like someone said she needs to go to college and have some fun....I wish they bring Alley back she will give Steffy Hell, that would be some fun to watch!!! LOL!!! :D
Hope is still pining for Liam because she was mad at him. One of the rules of relationships is never make a decision about your partner when your are mad.
Hope is calming down and seeing the errors of her ways.
She expected Liam to be miserable and that part blew up in her face.

Hope made an immature decision to dump Liam and now she paying for it.

There is no reason for Ally to give Steffy any hell, they both share a common interest. Ally lost her mother, Steffy her sister, and the loss of their grandmother. In any case they would become friends.

Hope manipulations stemmed from her convincing everyone she so innocent and everyone is else to blame.
Hope might have made a poor dicision to you, I feel she made the right one, and she let Liam go because of a lie her big Brother Rick told her...if it wasn't for that, she would still be with Liam. Liam doesn't know which end is up and he needs to make up his mind on who he really loves the most, if it is Hope or Steffy. I feel it is Steffy. I don't understand why everyone hates Hopes so much because she has not done any bad things to anyone....Steffy was always trying to hurt Hope. I think Hope is a better person than Steffy anyday...I don't think she is immature. She acts much older to me than Steffy. At least she did not have to manipulate Liam to get him to marry her like Steffy. As for Alley, she would not take anything off Steffy...she is a stronger person like her Mother. If Alley does come back and she finds out how Steffy has treated Hope she would not like it, because Hope and Alley has always been close friends. Hope did not have to manipulate anyone to make them think she is nice and a strong person...she made mistakes just everyone else on that show. LOL!!! What a joke!!!
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