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Viewing Single Post From: TV Guide: Will and Sonny Finally Have Sex (video preview)
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I think the "finally" has more to do with the fans anticipation for the couple to get together. Wilson fans have wanted them to sleep together the day we found out Sonny was gay and Will would be gay as well. That was in the summer 2011. So it's been over a year for the fans, and I think that's where the finally was pointing to. The fans. Not the story.

I am glad the show is doing this. I never thought we'd see it on DAYS. The only downside to this is the length of the scene. Is this just one take of a longer love scene? I hope so. If it's not, then that's kind of cheap. Will and Gabi had a full blown out sex scene. I'm sure Gabi's going to have one with Nick as well. Why should Sonny and Will only get an undress, a feel, a kiss and a fall to the bed, only to come back to them being done and in afterglow? It's not fair. No one's expecting anything inappropriate, but if you're going to claim you're writing a story for two characters, not two gay men, then you better treat them and their love scenes like any two other characters.
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