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John/Marlena/Kristen has the potential to be good classic soapy stuff if it's given the proper airtime. Of course, with Sami & EJ being the "lock, stock and barrel", and then all the Gabi's pregnancy nonsense (that also has Sami in it), i don't really see that happening.
I'm glad that Nicole is getting a front burner story, though again, how front burner will it really be if she's not mixed up with Sami, EJ, or Rafe?
I'm happy to see Kate mentioned & hope her story has some substance to it.

I don't give a crap about EJami working together or the clusterfuck that is Gabi's pregnancy. If people want to watch the 20s age group do stories about pregnancy, people will watch 16 & Pregnant. We've already had this age group go through Mia's pregnancy, Mel was pregnant, i believe at one point. Enough already! It's obvious that outside of WilSon, TomSell don't know what the hell to write for this age group that could be remotely interesting or novel.
While i have no objections to Eric himself, did the show REALLY need yet ANOTHER person in that age range??

Completely not surprised that Hope is nowhere to be found in these previews. I'm sure she's gonna be in limbo for a while after Bo's exit and inserted wherever needed until TomSell come up with something for her to do. We do know she's got scenes with Ciara, Eric & Brady, but that could all be centered around Thanksgiving.
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