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Oct 25 2012, 02:18 PM
Lucas/Bryan stop being pathetic and hoping for this stupid Sami relationship. Its time for the character to move on.

Its better material for BD for him to have a problem with Will and Sonny, but he has to hate it. He was so excited that Lucas was completely and totally accepting of Will's sexuality and now he's the total opposite. I imagine it would be awkward for any unsuspecting dad to see his son intimate with a man for the first time, but get over it. Sonny is like the best guy Will could ever find so I'm not sure what Lucas' point is. Unless he's hoping Will will suddenly become un-gay.
How is BD being pathetic talking about Lucas's relationship with Sami? He was probably asked about it, and knowing Lucas from playing him for pretty much 19yrs, BD spoke about how he thinks Lucas feels. And, you know, it's not surprising to me! I have no doubt Sami will be Lucas's one and only true love forever and ever, and that his heart will never harden to her. It's stupid insofar as love is a crazy, stupid thing - esp. on soaps - but that's all. I would love for him to move on and become involved in another romantic storyline, as well as a business one fersure (all the possibilities I could think of with Lucas somehow getting involved in Kristen-y business things). But, will I ever doubt Lucas loves Sami? Of course not! It's no less stupid than any of Sami's men still loving her after all these years - each is equally guilty of insanity and his own version of "love" I guess.

As for this business with Sonny and Will, as I've already said, whatever. I don't take it seriously. If anyone needs to get over anything, I think it's certain writers needing to get over this typical bus-throwing treatment of Lucas. But whatever. And I don't care enough about Wilson to, well, care about this development. If I can find anything I like about the s/line, it's that Lucas is shown as being flawed and conflicted and unsure, and I've loved Lucas for these very real and human flaws. Two weeks ago when he was uncertain about his feelings about seeing Will and Sonny together, I just saw it as a dad who had a vision of his son as a grown-up, being confronted with a reality he wasn't expecting and trying to resolve it within himself. Will doesn't need his dad to be OK with his being gay (I think that line was cliche-ingly bandied about), but Lucas wants to be ok with it for himself and his future relationship with his son. I saw him conflicted and angry at how he felt, which to ME signals total non-bigotry. I don't think a bigot would care to suss out his feelings or thoughts. So, whatever - let this pass and Wilson have their angst. BD will rock whatever dreck he's thrown.

Love ya Bry =)
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