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camera shy

Oct 25 2012, 05:06 PM
Oct 25 2012, 04:17 PM
Oct 25 2012, 02:18 PM
Lucas/Bryan stop being pathetic and hoping for this stupid Sami relationship. Its time for the character to move on.

Its better material for BD for him to have a problem with Will and Sonny, but he has to hate it. He was so excited that Lucas was completely and totally accepting of Will's sexuality and now he's the total opposite. I imagine it would be awkward for any unsuspecting dad to see his son intimate with a man for the first time, but get over it. Sonny is like the best guy Will could ever find so I'm not sure what Lucas' point is. Unless he's hoping Will will suddenly become un-gay.
i did not see bryan hoping for this stupid Sami relationship he was asked about sami
so he answer lucas still love sami but he is masking his feeling that sami can not see how much she hurt the nothing about lucas trying to get sami back or bryan asking for being pair with her

in almost in everthing bryan had in last few bryan was close to begging that lucas will real pair with someone else too

btw on full sod the use the term sami fickle heart
I don't think Bryan cares personally who he's paired with but I don't think he's against Lumi either. He's the only one of the pairing that tweets about Lumi scenes and cares about Lumi fans. He acknowledges us all the time and gives us hope. Just the other day he tweeted "Lumi will live forever" after watching a video a fan sent him. He knows how much his fans love him and AS together so that's why he promotes Lumi when he can even if it's not the story. Not saying if he gets another pairing, he wouldn't promote it too. But given Lumi's 20 year history and how much the majority of his fans love his chemistry with AS, I think he will care about the Lumi pairing and Lumi fans for those reasons alone.

But yes as far as this article, BD was simply saying how Lucas feels. What's wrong with Lucas being true in his heart to the woman he loves? Someone has to be not be fickle here, lol.
I think at this point Bryan is just interested in keeping his well paying job. He's knows what it feels like to go without it and he appreciates having it. I think he'd sell Lucas falling in love with EJ if he had to and do it with his usual humor and smirk.
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