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Viewing Single Post From: Bryan Dattillo on Days 'Gay' Story

Oct 25 2012, 05:16 PM
I have no doubt Sami will be Lucas's one and only true love forever and ever, and that his heart will never harden to her.
I absolutely agree. The fact that BD says that Lucas would "drop everything to be with Sami because he loves her" even now after all the crap Sami has pulled, including the latest stunt last summer when she left an injured Lucas and ran off with EJ, speaks volumes. It proves that there is absolutely nothing Sami could do that would make Lucas stop loving her. Sure he deserves better and has found better. And sure he should probably move on and find someone else for his own sanity. But will any of it mean that Lucas doesn't love Sami and that she isn't ultimately his first choice? No. I think at the end of the day, no matter what, Lucas loves Sami. It doesn't have to make sense but it is what it is.
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